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New Collection- Éberség

With our newest collection, we would like to share with you an important thought for us. Evoking the origin of the collection's name, “Éberség” (in Sanskrit: sati), it draws attention to the presence and focus of consciousness. It not only signifies mere wakefulness but also conscious observation and indiscriminate mindfulness, which helps maintain an alert and open state in the present moment.

Inspired by our two-month journey in Thailand, where not only nature but also cultural, human, and spiritual experiences taught us, the collection's pieces are made from organic cotton, which we transform into SELVA-like with handpicked materials from northern Thailand.

These materials call for awareness, allowing us to arrive in our attention through fractal-like patterns. The collection also introduces 3 new products, such as your favorite, the SELVA pants - reimagined - a kimono, and a men's shirt.